Friday, April 30, 2010

Contemporary Antiques

Zuni animal fetish necklace with 33 figures made from turquoise, marble, abalone, oyster, and onyx

Art deco cameo ring with diamonds

Navaratna 22k gold "9 planet" rings with assorted gems

Art deco 18k white gold with diamond drops from the 1930's

Mexican inlaid turquoise & sterling silver bangle

Antique Greek double ram's head cuff (SOLD)

Beaded Shiva bracelet from India

Antique sterling silver Lakshmi bracelet from India

Stunning sterling silver Zuni 21-bird necklace


Rudraksha said...

awesome and very informative post thanks for sharing

Lisa Eremita said...

I have this necklace. ..can you tell me about it