Friday, June 25, 2010

Accessorize with Margiela!

We adore these Martin Margiela travel slippers. They are perfect for wearing around the house, and even better for taking on the plane. We're the kind of gals who are always dressing up in high heels, so its very convenient for us to have a collapsable ballet flat handy for when we leave the party! The red pair is made in buttery leather, the gold is silk. Both have suede soles, both size 37.
For those who lean towards understatement but still value a nice bold shape, these leather cuffs are for you. Their design is beyond simplicity, with the only hardware being their closure (and the signature logo stamped into the leather).

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Vivi's Best said...

LOVELY! i've never seen those travel slippers before. a few questions..
i. i'm a 39 (but can fit in a 38 for some designers like marni). would they fit me or be too small?
ii. how much are they?
iii. where else can i find them (if you don't think they'd fit)