Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Do you like my Ver-sayce?"

We have Versace. Lots & lots & lots of Versace. Love it or leave it, IT demands your attention. From cashmere basics to embellished statement pieces, you can find it here. Please scroll down for a small sampling of what we have to offer.

Bow down to The Biker Bag. I mean - grommets, zippers, oversized stitching, and LASER-CUT PONY HAIR

Classic pieces, such as a patent V-insignia sleeveless sweater (left) & white sexy cowgirl chap-inspired lace-up skirt (right)

Almost subtle branding on these viscous croc embossed stilettos

"Please wear me to Miami!!! On a yacht!!! With a mimosa!!!"

If Kara Walker & Versace had a collaboration, it might look something like this silk printed button-down shirt. This is a detail shot of the back, believe me - the front is just as fabulous - SOLD.

Are you an ice queen or Nomi Malone? Then buy these shoes immediately.

A small teaser of perhaps the most lavish red carpet numbers to grace our floor. For more information on the pieces seen here or to view the rest of the items (there are more.) please contact us by email or pay a visit to the shop!

& some of our favorite moments of Versace

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