Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sharp Shoulders/Soft Leather

One of our favorite things about Rick Owens' work is the tactile dichotomies that are present in each of his pieces; as he molds his clothing to twist and bend the human form into exagarated proportions he uses the most supple leather, the most swaddle worthy cashmere, and the softest cotton thus creating something both extreme AND comfortable. The two jackets that we just got in are perfect examples of this yin-yang.
From his Drkshdw collection we have a cotton jean jacket with leather sleeves and extreme piped shoulders - goth Balmain, but so much more mysterious!
From his mainline collection this purply-grey hook closure leather jacket with knit insert sleeves.

**These pieces have been co-opted by our parent store Eva Gentry. Please contact them for information on either of them!**

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