Saturday, December 12, 2009

Boots That Aren't Black

Construction site disco ankle boots from you friend Marc Jacobs. We're suckers for any combat-ready footwear that appears to have been dipped in bronze. Sz 36.5 (SOLD)

These are wedge-tastic wonders brought to you by our dearest Nicholas Ghesquiere of that little ol' brand Balenciaga. These boots get our vote of confidence for the successful mix of materials and wrap-around buckled straps! Sz 39

Fiorentini + Baker pull-on boot, #7460. Sz 39 SOLD

If you're looking for a classic shape with the quality to match, then you are bound to find success with Frye. These brown boots can be worn cuff-up or cuff-down, depending on your preference. Sz 7 (SOLD)

We are in love with the color of these Dusica Dusica boots. Stone, cement, silver fox, ice, or just plain light gray - it doesn't matter, because they are anything from plain (except for maybe plain fabulous). Don't let these sit here or else we might try to stretch them out to fit us...Sz 36.5 SOLD

Last call for anything by Veronique Branquinho. Her design house might have closed, but luckily for us her pieces live on through consignment! These are definitely a country boot for a city girl, in the most complex color mix of gray-green (olive?) with brown trim. And despite the heel height, Ms. Branquino's boots are extremely comfortable. Sz. 40 (SOLD)

Have you ever wished that your leg warmers were attached to your boots? We have, and lo and behold, our wish has been granted! The thick wool shaft will keep you warm through the coldest winds and with the 1" rubber platform you could run through puddles and not get wet! SOLD

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